Below are a few examples of past online estate sale auctions. 

Click on the photo of the item being auctioned.  You will see the starting bid price, and all of the bids made on that particular item.  Past auctions will give you an idea as to how long the auction runs once we have the photos, descriptions and then have initiated the auction.  In most cases we like the actual auction to run 7-10 days, and preferably over two weekends to give Buyers a chance to see your items for sale.  This gives us time to publsh the auction on various websites, send email notifications to prospective bidders, etc.  In most instances we can photograph upward to 100 lots per workday.

Samples of Closed Auctions: 

Jewelry Dealer Lost Lease Sale

Downsizing a Small Estate in Overland Park

Moving from a larger residence in Leawood to a condo

Overland Park Resident - Moving to Independent Living

Kansas City, MO Couple with Excess Items

Leawood Couple moving out of state, needing to downsize only a few items

Raytown Couple moving to a Smaller Condo

Those listed above are only samples.  We can send you links to over 100 online estate sale auctions that 1-2 Another has conducted.

A successful online auction can have as few as a handful of high value items, to generally as many as 250 lots of regular estate sale items (we do not auction clothing, damaged, disposable or explosive items, or items you typically see in garage sales). A Lot can often include more than one item (like a pair of lamps, a dining table & 6 chairs, etc.)

How quickly we can get your items posted online for auction depends greatly on your willingness to help us organize and describe your items. Typically, you know the most about the items you are wanting to downsize, and the better the description, the more response you will have from the public on your items in the auction.

You are always free to give us input on your items for sale, how they are described, and how they look on your auction site.  And, we have a way you can place a "Reserve" price on selected items, thereby not permitting the sale for a lowball price.

This will be your own personal online estate sale auction.  We don't mix your items in with those belonging to other sellers on the initial sale.

 Terri Belser (816) 682-5670  or Scott Belser (816) 277-9746