An Alternative to a More Traditional     In-Home Estate Sale


If you are considering ways to quickly downsize, you will have several choices. 

We think offers a different type of solution when estate sale companies tell you the items may not sell for enough to be profitable, or you don't have enough items to conduct a traditional in-home estate sale.  Using our service you don't need to meet a large amount of projected income like most estate sale companies require. 

We assist through conducting an online estate sale auction.  We bring in sales tables if needed, take several photos of each item you want to downsize, advertise your auction, post your auction online, then make the  notification available to more than 60,000 individuals not only wanting to learn about estate sale auctions, but have already registered their credit card information in the event they are a high bidder.  At the conclusion of the auction we then coordinate the payment by buyers, as well as the loadout of their purchased items.  All from the convenience of your residence.  Therefore, you don't have the public milling throughout your property over several days.  And, you don't have to transport your items to yet another location when parking or Homeowners Association restrictions may limit the viability of having a more traditional estate sale.

The online estate sale auction concept also works well to dispose of many items you otherwise would donate.  Online auctions can also work well when you don’t have a lot of time to conduct a regular in-home estate sale.  We split the revenue with you, with the Seller earning as much as 65% of the high bids received for your items.   Note:  Historic online estate sale auction examples similar to your potential are available upon request, and you can view a few examples on the "Samples of Past Auctions" tab.

When your auction is complete we offer three options on any remaining unsold items:  (1) you can elect to have us conduct yet another auction from your residence, (2) you can ask us to haul away any unsold item that one individual can load in a pickup, or (3) you can keep any item that may remain, perhaps giving it to a charity of your choice.    

You will find this solution to be an extremely profitable way to downsize small estates.  If interested, we need to visit further.  Please give me a call, email or text.


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