Why our Estate Sales-Bid online auctions might be a possible solution when downsizing

Posted on Aug 31, 2018

Posted by Larry Dean

Why & When to Consider an Online Auction of your Estate Items 

  • The auction gives you a way to quickly and permanently downsize your items.
  • Our online auction service is known as Estate Sales-Bid; this service eliminates the crowd associated with a traditional estate sale, garage sale or on-site auction.
  • Auctioning almost always brings you more income than having a garage or driveway sale; and remember, we do all the work for you.
  • The general public determines the final selling price or perceived selling value; therefore, no pricing issues exist (and you can place a "Reserve" on certain items).
  • Eliminates Family Issues:  If you have items that more than one relative wants, but you don't want to disappoint someone by giving the item to only one relative, then they can bid on the item during the online auction.  If you are dividing the proceeds of your auction among the relatives, they can use their share of the income to help pay for those items they decided to bid on.
  • We conduct the auction from your home on the items to want to downsize, and then only the high bidders will come at a predetermined time to pick up their items (and, again, we will be there to do all the work, payments and handling for you).
  • Estate Sales-Bid accepts credit cards ... the prefered method of payment by most buyers.  And, we absorb the processing charges of the credit card company.
  • Please no clothing, perishables, amunition, or items needing security clearance.  We also rarely auction any item that is damaged or does not work as if it was new.
  • You control what to do with any item that fails to receive a bid, or fails to meet the minimum “Reserve” price you have established.  Our normal practice on a large number of unsold items is to feature your unsold items in a subsequent auction from your residence with a starting price being half the amount used on the initial auction.  However, you can also elect to keep the unsold items, or ask us to haul away any unsold item.
  • We have a fee when you initiate an online auction, and then normally pay you 65% of the revenue received.  This can be less on high ticket items.  Or, the amount you receive could be less on a small number of items included in the auction.
  • Not all items sell well on consignment.  Not all situations warrant having an in-home estate sale.  They are better suited for one of our auctions.

If you want to discuss your specific situation, please call or send a text message to Larry Dean at 913-909-3749, or send an email to:  Larry@1-2Another.com

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