Get Paid when Downsizing

Posted on Oct 10, 2020

Posted by Larry Dean


If you have items you need to downsize you only have a few logical choices:

  1. Give items to family members or friends (if they even want them)
  2. Donate items (if the charity will haul the items away)
  3. Trash items (if your trash service will pick up items left on the curb)
  4. Having a Garage Sale (taking time to price items, dealing with weather and public, moving items in and out of your garage, posting signs, etc.; just for a small return)
  5. Having an In-Home Estate Sale, by giving someone the right to price items, having traffic in and out of your home, commitment to a guaranteed revenue to the company doing the sale, deep discounts as needed, no guarantee on sales, etc.)
  6. Sell in a consignment store, earning about 50% of the sales price (after you transport items to the store if they will accept them, as well as giving the store the right to control pricing & dispose of your items when they don't sell)
  7. Sell in an antique store (paying rent each month, a sales commission, and often having to work at the store as a condition of being a dealer)
  8. Sell on Craigslist, Letgo, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace or other local online venues (dealing with calls, having to negotiate a price, taking a security risk of having strangers meet at your home, marketing the items, selling one item at a time, etc.)
  9. Sell on eBay (paying a fee & sales commission, having to package and ship items, paying credit card fees, taking photos & posting your sale


Use the online auction service having these benefits:

  1. We take the photos for you (no need to move items from where they are at)
  2. Using your input, we describe and measure items for sale 
  3. This is all done at your residence (no need to transport items)
  4. The public determines the real value of your item by placing progressive bids
  5. We are there to loadout items that were sold in the auction; nothing leaves until money has been collected
  6. We pay all credit card processing fees (the preferred public payment method)
  7. If the item needs to be packaged and shipped, we handle this for you
  8. Items remain in your possession until sold
  9. Earn as much as 65% of the high bids received; never less than 50%.
  10. Quick & Decisive

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