Consigner Agreement

  1. Send photos with your idea as to the selling price you feel is reasonable. We retain the right to reject any item that does not fit our basic consignment format, and to establish the actual asking price, providing you agree with our pricing assessment. You can forward photos to the following: with a copy also sent to
  2. You receive 60% of the selling price. Settlements occur on the 1st day of each month. We will mail you a check if your item sells, by the 15th day of each month.
  3. You also pay a 5% monthly Merchandising Fee on unsold items.  This is based on the asking price of your item on the last day of each month.  If the item is temporarily placed in our warehouse, you are not charged the 5% fee.  We will, however, continue marketing your item even though it may be in our warehouse.
  4. If your item does not sell within 60 days: we keep the tagged price the same, but you give us permission to negotiate a selling price of up to a 25% discount. 
  5. If your item still does not sell after 90 days: we automatically retag your item to sell for 50% of the initial asking price.  At that point you have the option of picking up your item, or asking us to place it in one of our Estate Sales-Bid online estate sale auctions.  Your share of the price paid in the auction is 50%.
  6. If your item does not sell within 120 days: you must pick up your item or place it in one of our Estate Sales-Bid online auctions. 
  7. It is your responsibility for bringing all items to our showroom Tuesday thru Saturday, 11 am to 5 pm. Please give us advance notice before coming.
  8. If an item needs cleaning/repair, we will let you know.  And, we pass through our cost of doing so, giving you advance notice to see if you want the repairs to be made, or if you would rather pick up the item.  Please remember that most buyers will reject items that contain evidence of pets or tobacco usage in the home.
  9. We will provide ongoing security of consigned items; however, there is no guarantee that theft will not occur. And, items consigned are not covered on the 1-2 Another property insurance in the event of flood, water damage, theft, windstorm, etc.