Estate Sales from 1-2 Another

We conduct traditional 3-day estate sales, which requires the seller to guarantee a minimum amount of income for the firm conducting the sale.  However, some Sellers want to remain totally in charge of their own sale, or they lack sufficient items to warrant a normal estate sale.  Therefore, we also offer "mini" estate sales which gives the Seller a way to conduct their own estate sale using our expertise, equipment and marketing.

A typical 2-day "mini" sale includes:

  • Our assistance in pricing your items
  • Tags and pricing stickers
  • Assistance in staging and grouping items for sale (generally this is the most time consuming portion of your pre-sale)
  • Moving items within the home as necessary to help merchandise
  • Display and sales tables
  • Yard signs (including the placement of the signs)
  • Online marketing on and
  • In-showroom and email marketing to current 1-2 Another customers
  • Sales counter assistance (we prefer your to be at the sales desk with us so that you are there to answer questions, make on-the-spot pricing decisions, etc.)
  • In-home sales assistance (we provide two individuals; others at an added cost)
  • Wrapping and packing materials
  • Credit card acceptance system
  • And, most importantly, our base cost of consulting for your sale includes the hauling off of any unsold 1-2 Another tagged item.  These are then placed in our showroom or in one of our online estate sale auctions, thereby giving you even more revenue long after your sale concludes.

Each estate sale differs, but anticipate a minimum of a $500 fee for a 1-day sale, or $750 for a 2-day sale, plus 1-2 Another retains 35% of the revenue received to pay for the time involvment preceding, during, and then after the sale concludes.