"Mini" Estate Sales from 1-2 Another


If you are conducting an in-home estate sale, you will have lots of choices. 

We think our firm offers a different type of solution when other estate sale companies tell you the items may not sell for enough to be profitable, or you don't have enough items to conduct a traditional in-home estate sale.  We don't require a sale having a large amount of projected income like most estate sale companies do. 

We assist through conducting "Mini" estate sales, generally 1-2 days only.  We bring in sales tables, do the staging, advertising, yard signs, email notification to more than 16,000 individuals wanting to learn about estate sales, setting item prices and managing your sale, just like a regular in-home estate sale.  This is done on a very low DEFFERED base cost, which is $250 for a 1-day sale, and $500 for a 2-day sale, plus 35% of the received revenue.  Note:  References on our “Mini” sales are available upon request

Or, we can conduct an online auction from your residence, thereby bypassing potential Homeowner Association rules.  The online auction concept also works well to dispose of many items not sold during your initial in-home estate sale.  Online auctions can also work well when you don’t have a lot of time to conduct a regular in-home estate sale.  THERE IS NO BASE COST TO YOU FOR THE ONLINE AUCTION SERVICE.  We take the photos, describe the items, and coordinate your online auction with more than 50,000 individuals that have not only registered to learn about items that are available, but have supplied their credit card in advance of bidding on any item for sale.  We split the revenue 50% to you, and 50% to us.   Note:  Historic online estate sale auction examples are available upon request.

When your sale is complete we supply a list of sources to haul off remaining items, thereby making your home more sellable real estate. 

You may find either of these solutions to be an extremely profitable way to downsize small estates.  If interested, we need to visit further.  Please give me a call, email or text.


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A typical 1 or 2-day "Mini" sale includes:

  • Our assistance in pricing your items
  • Tags and pricing stickers
  • Assistance in staging and grouping items for sale (generally this is the most time consuming portion of your pre-sale)
  • Moving items within the home as necessary to help merchandise
  • The above pre-sale activity is limited to 15 hours; more time needed is billed at a pre-determined rate
  • Display and sales tables
  • Yard signs (including the stratigic placement of the signs)
  • Online marketing on EstateSales.net and CraigsList.com
  • In-showroom and email marketing to current 1-2 Another retail customers
  • Sales counter assistance (you or your representative can be at the sales desk with us to answer questions, take payments, make on-the-spot pricing decisions when a counter offer is made, etc.)
  • In-home sales assistance (we provide two individuals; others at an added cost; so if you and family members or friends are also helping, this keeps your cost down)
  • Wrapping and packing materials
  • Credit card acceptance system & the cost of accepting credit cards
  • And, most importantly, our base cost for your sale includes at no additional base cost, our online auction service to not only continue your sale efforts, but to also eliminate many of the unsold items from your estate sale.  

Anticipate a $250 fee for a 1-day sale, or $500 for a 2-day sale, plus 1-2 Another retains 35% of the revenue received to pay for the time involvment preceding, during, and then after the sale concludes.  If you need our involvement more than 15 hours preceding the actual "Mini" estate sale, then we bill extra for this added time needed.  And, you have no extra out-of-pocket cost for us to do an online auction of items that remain after your "Mini" estate sale concludes.  When the online auction occurs, we split the revenue received 50% to you and 50% to us.