"Mini" Estate Sales

Posted on Mar 1, 2018

Posted by Larry Dean

Introducing our "mini" Estate Sale concept

So you want to have an estate sale.

But you don't have a sufficient number of items to make up a typical weekend estate sale, or you want to remain in charge of pricing and the sale? 

We have an answer for you.


Our program lets you remain totally in charge of your own sale, and staff it with your own trusted friends and family members.  You also have the final say as to the prices of your items in the sale.  We supply the marketing expertise & equipment:  Pricing tags, Suggested prices comparable to other estate sales, Assistance in staging your items for sale, Sales personnel (two individuals per sale; more available with a larger base cost), Credit card processing equipment, Yard signs, Sales & Display Tables, Pricing Tags, Boxes and Packaging Materials, Online Advertising, 1-2 Another customer email promotion, In-store promotion of your event, etc.

We furnish the ideas on how to best stage your sale, along with someone to help you price your items, and to assist at the sales desk during your sale.  Our onsite management assistance, including the the time we are involved in pricing of your items, is limited to 15 hours prior to the actual sale without an additional charge.  Therefore, we highly recommend your estate sale be limited to only one or two days, generally during the week, not competing with other sales.  That way it is over and done with quickly!

The best part...we pick up the day following the conclusion of your sale at no extra charge all unsold 1-2 Another tagged items that remain (excludes food or other perishables and clothing).  These items are transported to our consignment showroom for sale, or will be placed in one of our upcoming Estate Sales-Bid online estate auctions.  This gives you a way to continue your downsizing with money flowing in long after your estate sale ends.

Call Larry Dean at 913-291-2981 or 913-909-3749 for more details and pricing.  You will be amazed as to how much you will save using our mini estate sale concept!!!

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