Our goal for BUYERS is to offer high end quality furniture and accessories at extremely affordable prices.  How we do this is through offering SELLERS a convenient way to downsize when they move or otherwise no longer have a need for those items.

If you are a Seller, here are our three options:


Display your items in our showroom for a mnimum of 90 days (unless sold).  After 60 days your tagged selling price remains unchanged; however, we are permitted to negotiate on the selling price up to 25%.  If still unsold after 90 days, the item is tagged on the showroom floor at half its original selling price.  You earn 60% when it sells.  Each month the item remains on our showroom floor unsold, you pay a 5% Merchandising Fee based on the tagged selling price on the last day of the month.  If the item is not sold within 120 days, you will be asked to either pick up your item, or agree to place it in one of our Estate Sales-Bid online estate sale auctions.


We handle all auction details (photos, descriptions, tagging each lot, acceptance of payments, loadout of items) and pay you 50% of the hammer price on each item sold. Our auctions are generally conducted at your location (when you have a minimum of 200 items you need to downsize), which eliminates your need to transport items to our warehouse. However, you can always bring your items to us, or for a small fee we can arrange the pick up your items to be part of an existing auction from our warehouse.  We offer your items along with any items that have remained on our showroom floor for more than 120 days.


While we can do a traditional 3-day sale, the vast majority of our estate sales are for 1 or 2 days.  How our "mini" sales also differ is that it is YOUR sale, and we are their to consult with you on making your sale successful, and to provide the expertise and equipment needed.  In addition we do the online and in-store marketing of YOUR sale.  We assist YOU in staging, pricing and tagging items for sale.  We also provide the display tables, yard signs, credit card processing, a budgeted amount of manpower in preparing for and during YOUR sale, and most importantly, we haul off the unsold 1-2 Another tagged items at the conclusion of the sale.  These unsold items then are placed in our showroom or in one of our online estate sale auctions.  This gives YOU, the Seller, control over YOUR sale, as well as a way to continue earning revenue even after YOUR sale is over.  Each sale differs greatly, and this affects your 1-2 Another cost, so call 913-291-2981 to arrange a convenient time for us to review the items for sale, and for our staff member to give you a written estimate of cost.


We can supply delivery or pickup for a fee using our own staff members, or we also provide outside vendors you can contact to make your own arrangements.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm
In-home inspection of items needing to be downsized:  By appointment only